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Cool Door Quadro
All Cucinox pyrolytic ovens have 4 layers of cool door glasses that prevent possible burns. Even during pyrolytic cleaning in which inner temperature of oven reaches up to 500°C, the door’s temperature remains safe to touch. Designed for you…
Double Oven
When it comes to food preparation, double ovens are for those who hold large parties and meetings or have large families. Our double ovens enable static grill and multifunction features with easy clean surfaces. While you are grilling fish on the top, you can cook cookies at the bottom thus you prevent the smells from getting mixed. Double ovens are for the ones who cook and entertain often and who want to use two different temperatures for specific foods.
Double Fan
The dual-fan convection system consists of two round fans that generate an even air flow throughout the oven cavity. This creates a temperature throughout that is even; it also means the oven heats up very quickly, reducing cooking times and saving energy. The circulating air also helps splitting up odors and so you are able to cook foods of varying potencies.
Duplo Oven
Each and every new appliance made by Cucinox is based upon sensible technology, timeless design and ideal features. Duplo oven which is unique in terms of its working way is the sign of Cucinox professionalism. Duplo oven can work with gas or electricity upon your requirement of energy, taste or need. It is ideal for those who are asking for precise temperature control and moist or those who suffers from the shortage of supply or those search for cost saving. Gas or electric, you decide the cooking method.
Easy Clean Crystal Cavity
Technical progress in the ovens extends to even the cavity enameling process. The oven cavity in all Cucinox single ovens are coated with hi-tech material specially for easy cleaning to maximize your comfort. The brilliance and non-porosity of this exclusive enamel are long lasting properties, allowing an easy, quick and ecologic cleaning of the oven cavity and trays.
The new era in cooking appliances… ErgoGreen, a patented invention of Cucinox, is totally an environmental friendly approach in cooking appliances. ErgoGreen not only helps you to cook delicious dishes with steam and aroma aid, but also provides the easiest way of interior cleaning. In cooking or cleaning, 30% more energy consumption is granted.
Fingerprint Proof Stainless Steel
Cleaning your ovens are no more an issue for Cucinox ovens. Use the freedom to touch all surfaces; you will not see any fingerprint.
Full Glass Oven Door
The full glass inner surface of the oven door is a standard feature in all ovens. The oven doors having 3 or 4 glasses minimize the temperature reflected during the cooking cycle. Single sheet of glass surface make life easier since it is easy to keep clean and removable. It can be additionally used to safely place the accessories. The oven door can be easily removed to access inside the oven for cleaning.
Gas Interlock System
If you are using gas heated oven, failing gas interlock is the last thing you need. An interlock is a system that will not allow the gas to be turned on until the ventilation system is operating correctly. An interlock is required to ensure the safety and comfort of the kitchen. It is the warranty that the ventilation system is operating correctly.
Hot Air and Heating Base
Warming can be through hot air or with heating glass surface on the base. Cucinox offers either any of two or both. Feel the difference…
Meat Probe
While cooking, it is important not to dry out or leave the food uncooked. Meat probe helps you have the control at your hands during the cooking phase of fish, roast meat and such like. Just inserting it into the meat, you can cook your food at the right temperature just like any other chef.
Multifunction Plus Cooking System
Electric ovens can adapt to any cooking preferences with their multifunction specialty. With the heating elements on the top and the bottom, or a grill and fan, they serve up many cooking options. Among them you can choose the right one; conventional baking for cakes or fan grilling for a roast.
Odor Filter
Depending on the food type, there may be unwanted odors during the cooking phase. Odor filtering system eliminates these odors ensuring the kitchen maintains its freshness. Moreover, you do not notice the smell of burned grease and harmful gases during the cleaning cycle.
Side Racks
Side Racks is for maximum comfort in cleaning... Cucinox ovens are supported by easily removable wire racks that give excellent access to the sidewalls. This enables uniform cavity cleaning with a little effort.
Steam Oven
Cucinox offers you to a new cooking with its new steam oven. It is healthy. It is style fast. It is comfortable. It is easy to use. Steam cooking will enable you to discover new tastes not only delicious but also healthy. All dishes steamed at 100° C will preserve all foods’ flavor, mineral salts, vitamins. By keeping temperature at standard saturation, temperature of the optimum humidity and steam inside the cavity cook the dishes better than more aggressive methods like pressure-cooking.
Warming Drawer
In most restaurants, the secret of a successful meal is to serve the food with hot plates. Most of the time, it causes the food to turn cold. Cucinox warming drawers are designed to think of you and help you bring forward your delicious meals on the stage with perfect service support and leave you to decide when to serve.

Our Human Resources Policy

Cucinox adopts a principle of working with the right future executive requirements that will meet our customer based approach. Aware of the fact that our customer satisfaction depends upon the highly motivated individuals also who are able to work with perfect cooperation and have team spirit. We aim to welcome friends who are open-minded and support innovation. The contribution of knowledge for the ongoing improvement of business process and willingness to take part in change actively are the basis in our cooperation at Cucinox. We believe that we are an attractive employer offering a work in which the individual will experience independence and personal progress within the framework of our policy demand.

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